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May 2015

Not a Fairy Tale Ending

Main Truth:  Even though believers will continue to fail, God continues to be faithful.

Reflection Question:  Understanding your brokenness, what safeguards are present in your life to live for God?

A Joyful Heart is Heard

Main Truth
A joyful heart is first of all focused on God and cannot help but be heard.
Reflection Psalms:


Stopping the Slow Fade

Main Truth
Stopping the slow fade takes a commitment to community and a willingness to address areas of weakness.


Reflection Question: Are you currently participating in a community of accountability?

April 2015

Change that Lasts Part 2

Main Truth:  The pattern of our failures is only overshadowed by the pattern of God’s forgiveness.

Reflection Question:  Where am I in this pattern of redemption?

Change That Lasts Part 1

Main Truth: To be near God is to listen to His Word and do what He says.
Reflection Question: What is your plan for listening to the Lord?

Miracles and More

Main Truth: God has performed miracles so that we might trust in Him each and every day of our lives.
Reflection Question: Today, as we are faced with the miracle of Jesus, how will you respond?

March 2015

Selfishness: When I am building my own kingdom

Main Truth:  God has called His people to selflessly serve and give to one another, especially to those in need.
Reflection Question:  Who’s kingdom am I focused on today?

Outside Opposition

Main Truth:  Outward opposition to our faith reveals the depth of our trust in God.

Reflection Questions:  What is the greatest opposition to your spiritual walk in your life right now? How are you battling this opposition?

All Hands on Deck

God desires for all of His people to build up the Kingdom of God.
Reflection Question: God has uniquely gifted and shaped you; Are you using these gifts and shaping for the building up of the church?

A Time for Action 2

When faced with brokenness, God’s people trust God and rally around His cause.
Reflection Question: What voices do you allow to direct your life?

A Time for Action


When faced with brokenness, God’s people first respond with prayer.