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About Us – Philosophy
Fellowship’s ministry philosophy can be described in three statements: Know God, Love Others, and Serve the World.  Here you will find a short description of each of these statements.
All people are created by God and in His image, but sin has damaged that image and created a rift between God and man.  Healing begins with knowing.  This process starts with a calling on Jesus as Savior and Lord and continues through personal and corporate spiritual disciplines.
God has created His people to live in community with each other.  This is often tough to do because in our pride we want people to think we have it all figured out, but in reality no one does.  At Fellowship, we encourage everyone to be involved in a Home Group in order to love and be loved on by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  
God has shared His love and Good News with Christians.  Now the mission of all who have experienced this love, is to share it with others.  God has not rescued us so that we might keep the Good News to ourselves, but that we would share it where God has placed us in life.