Welcome to Fellowship of Champions Church!  


My name is Dustin Nelson and I am the pastor of FOC.  I know that life is tough and full of disappointments.  Even in our successes, we often experience loneliness, unfulfillment and a lack of purpose.  But this is often because we are looking for fulfillment in the wrong places.

We at Fellowship believe that true fulfillment in life comes from a personal relationship with Jesus.  God desires for people to have abundant life through Jesus Christ.  Jesus even said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  

Our only hope is Jesus, so we spend time getting to know Jesus through the reading and teaching of the Bible, God’s very words to us.  None of us have all of life figured out, but that’s okay; God does not desire for us to try to figure out life alone—that’s why God put his people in churches!  

We believe that God created the church to be a special place where people can get to know God, find true community with others, and share the message of hope in Jesus with the world.      

I invite you to come to church with us.  Maybe you have more questions; please send me an email or give me a call.  I look forward to meeting you and I hope to see you Sunday morning!

Pastor Dustin Nelson