Media – Mark’s Gospel

May 2022

Stay Awake!

Reflection Question:  Am I awake?


Coming in the Clouds

Main Truth:  When Jesus returns, He will gather together all of His people from every corner of the earth.
Reflection Question:  How should the reality of the Christ’s return change your life today?

Those Things

Reflection Question:  How can you better be on your guard?

April 2022

These Things

Main Truth: The proclamation of the Gospel is accomplished through persecution; salvation of the believer is revealed through perseverance.
Reflection Question: How can you better be on your guard?

He Gave it All

Main Truth:  The highest form of love is seen in sacrifice.
Reflection Question:  Is God’s sacrificial love leading you to sacrifice?

The Son of David 

Main Truth:  Jesus is both the Messiah and eternal God.
Reflection Question:  Who do you say that Jesus is?

The Greatest Commandment

Main Truth:  The greatest commandment is to love God and to love others.
Reflection Question:  How can I grow this week in the vertical or the horizontal?

March 2022

The Resurrection

Main Truth:   Our all-powerful God will resurrect the faithful who have died.
Reflection Question:  Am I living in light of the coming resurrection?

Render to Caesar

Render to Caesar. Mark 12:13 by Dustin Nelson. 2022
Main Truth:  All people are to give to God what belongs to God.
Reflection Question:  Am I rendering to God what belongs to God?

The Lord’s Vineyard

The Lord’s Vineyard.  Mark 11:27 by Dustin Nelson. 2022.
Main Truth:  While the religious leaders rejected Jesus’ authority, God the Father established Jesus to reign over all.
Reflection Question:  Am I taking care of the Lord’s vineyard?

Mark 11:12-24

Mark 11:12-24 by Noel Vincent. 2022.
Reflection Questions:  Am I like one of these religious leaders, with a phony outward righteousness, but actually spiritually fruitless and dead on the inside?

If I am a true born-again Christian, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, am I taking true spiritual care of myself as the temple of God’s Spirit, or am I allowing corruption to enter in?

February 2022

The Triumphant Entry

The Triumphant Entry. Mark 11:1 by Dustin Nelson. 2022
Main Truth:  Jesus is the King who came to save.
Reflection Time: Jesus is King.

Seeking Mercy

Seeking Mercy. Mark 10:32 by Dustin Nelson. 2022.
Main Truth:  God gives mercy to those who seek it from Him.
Reflection Question:  Have my prayers been in line with God’s mission?

Openhanded Kind of Faith

Openhanded Kind of Faith. Mark 10:13 by Dustin Nelson, 2022
Main Truth:  The Kingdom of God is for those who let go of the things of the world and come to Jesus with open hands.
Reflection Question:  Am I living with an openhanded faith?