October 2022

Guard Your Heart

Main Truth: Guarding your heart will keep you on the path of righteousness.   Reflection Question: Where do I need to grow in guarding my heart?

September 2022

Two Paths

Main Truth: There are only two paths in life: the way of wisdom and the way of foolishness.   Reflection Question: Am I choosing the path of righteousness?

Generational Wisdom

Main Truth: Wisdom provides a legacy of life and victory.   Reflection Question: What is your plan for passing down generational wisdom?

Wisdom’s Value

Main Truth: Nothing is more valuable than wisdom.   Reflection Question:  Would you spend this reflection time thanking the Lord for His Wisdom and His protection?

Wisdom Protects 2

Main Truth: God blesses the wise who trust in Him.   Reflection Question: Which command should I apply to my life this week and what’s my plan to make it happen?

August 2022

Wisdom Protects

Main Truth: Wisdom gives protection and life.   Reflection Question:  How can I be more intentional and tenacious about gaining wisdom?

Wisdom, Folly and Judgment

Main Truth: Judgment comes on all people, but only the wise are safe and secure.   Reflection Question: Is there an area of my life where I am choosing foolishness instead of wisdom?

The Friends you Keep

Main Truth: The wise keep good company.   Reflection Question:  Am I keeping the right kind of company?

Fear of the Lord

Main Truth:  The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.   Reflection Question: Are you growing in the fear of the Lord?

July 2022

Mark’s Longer Ending

Reflection Question:  Is there an area in my life where I need to grow in trusting Jesus?

Mark’s Short Ending

Main Truth: Jesus was resurrected from the dead.   Reflection Question: Would you meditate upon the fact that Jesus is alive?

Jesus is the Son of God who Died for Your Sins

Jesus is the Son of God who Died for Your Sins. Mark 15:33-39 by Brice Land. 2022   Main Truth:  The death of Jesus for our sins should always remain central to our faith.   Reflection Question:  Who is Jesus to you?

The Humiliation of Jesus

Main Truth:  Jesus endured humiliation so that we could be elevated   Reflection Question:  How should Jesus’ endurance through humiliation change my life today?

June 2022

Jesus before Pilate

Main Truth:  Jesus was delivered over to death in order to bring life to sinners through faith.   Reflection Question:  Would you meditate upon the fact that Jesus died in your place?