Media – Proverbs

May 2023

The Importance of the Home

Main Truth:  The household of the righteous is a blessing to all.
Reflection Question: How can I contribute to making my home a blessing?

The Giving Paradox

Main Truth:  Blessed is the one who seeks to bless others.
Reflection Question: What is keeping me from living generously?

Words and Actions in Community

Main Truth:  The wise will say and do what builds up the community in Christ.
Reflection Question: How do I need to grow in loving those in my community?


Main Truth:  Honesty and telling the truth please the Lord.
Reflection Question: In what ways am I not being honest with others?

April 2023

Wisdom and Words

“Wisdom and Words” – we apologize but technical issues prevented us from recording todays sermon.  However, the notes are attached.
Main Truth: The wise will use their words to heal and not harm.
Reflection Question:What are my words accomplishing in the lives of others?

Collection II: Introduction

Main Truth:  The wise and the fool are recognized by their wealth and words.
Reflection Question: How can I grow in being wiser with my words or my wealth?

November 2022

With Whom Will You Dine

Main Truth:  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
Reflection Question:  With whom will you dine?

Wisdom’s Praise

Main Truth:  Blessed are those who choose godly wisdom.
Reflection Question: Am I choosing God’s wisdom?

October 2022

Surviving Sexual Temptation

Main Truth:  The wise will be intentional about avoiding sexual temptation.
Reflection Question: How can I become wiser when it comes to sexual temptation?

Sexual Purity and Your Desires

Main Truth:  We guard our hearts by cultivating godly desires.
Reflection Question:  What item  on the list should I start practicing immediately to create the right desires?

Three Men to Avoid

Main Truth:  Be mindful of who you are becoming.
Reflection Question: In what ways might I be on the slippery slope of foolishness?

Guard Your Heart through Sexual Purity

Main Truth:  Guard your heart by loving who you are supposed to love.
Reflection Question: What specifically do I need to do this week to guard my heart from sexual temptation?

Guard Your Heart

Main Truth: Guarding your heart will keep you on the path of righteousness.
Reflection Question: Where do I need to grow in guarding my heart?

September 2022

Two Paths

Main Truth: There are only two paths in life: the way of wisdom and the way of foolishness.
Reflection Question: Am I choosing the path of righteousness?