Media – Exodus

January 2019

God Enters His Home

Main Truth:  God lives with and guides His people
Reflection Question: Who has been your guide of late?

Construction of the Tabernacle

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Main Truth:  Genuine repentance results in faith and obedience
Reflection Question: Am I intentionally not doing all the LORD has commanded?

December 2018

Reconciliation After the Golden Calf

Main Truth: God is merciful and gracious
Reflection Questions:How have you grown in faith and obedience to God?  Where do you need to grow more?

The Golden Calf

Main Truth: To follow God is to abandon your old ways of living.
Reflection Question: Am I holding on to and excusing a sin in my life instead of confessing and forsaking it?

Instructions for the Priests

Main Truth: God desires to dwell among His people.
Reflection:  Please consider and thank God for how the blood of Christ has brought you the forgiveness of sins. 

November 2018

Instructions for the Tabernacle

Main Truth: God desires to dwell among His people.
Reflection Question: During this time of reflection, please consider and thank God for how He has drawn near to you through the death of Jesus.

Covenant Confirmed

Main Truth: God’s covenant with Israel required perfect obedience.
Reflection Question: God has drawn near through Jesus, are you drawing near to God?

God’s Character and the Law: part 4

Main Truth: God’s laws drive us to purity of life.
Reflection Question: Is there anything that you are willingly allowing to pollute your life against God?

October 2018

God’s Character and the Law: Part 2

Main Truth:  God calls His people to trust in His laws, for they are good.
Reflection Question: Is there an area of your life where you are struggling to trust God and obey what He has commanded?

God’s Character and the Law: Part 1

Main Truth: God’s laws are for the good of His people.
Reflection Question: Are you growing in your love for the church?

Slavery and Polygamy

Main Truth:  God’s laws reveal His mercy and care for all people.
Reflection Question: Do you delight in the law of God?

September 2018

Shall not Covet (Commandment #10)

Main Truth: God’s people should desire the things of God.
Reflection Question: What weeds do you need to pull today?

Shall Not Lie (Commandment #9)

Main Truth: God has called His people to speak the truth.
Reflection Question: How do you need to grow as a truth teller?

Shall Not Steal (Commandment #8)

Main Truth:  God has called His people to be faithful stewards of what they have been given.
Reflection Question: Are you being a good steward of what God has given you?