Media – Revelation

March 2024

Church in Smyrna

Main Truth:  Believers persevere by remembering the resurrection.
Reflection Question: How should the reality of the resurrection change you?

February 2024

Church in Pergamum – Truth

Main Truth: Believers persevere through keeping their faith pure from worldly ideas.
Reflection Question: Are there any ways that I have allowed syncretism to creep into my walk with God?

Church in Ephesus – Love

Main Truth:  Believers are to persevere as they pursue sound doctrine with love.
Reflection Question: In what ways can I grow in love for God and others?

The Keys of Death

Main Truth: Believers may suffer and even die because of Christ, but Jesus is alive and He holds the keys of death.  Let us persevere in worshipping Christ alone!
Reflection: Is fear of what man can do to you keeping you from being faithful to God?

The Faithful Witness

Main Truth:  God reigns and Jesus is returning soon.
Reflection Question: Are you trusting God with the future?

January 2024

Revelation, Story of the True Witness – Introduction

“Revelation, Story of the True Witness – Introduction” by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2024.