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December 2021

The Invincible Kingdom

The Invincible Kingdom. Psalm 2 by Dustin Nelson. 2021
Main Truth: God gives rebellious man refuge.
Reflection Question: What is God inviting me to begin doing this week?

September 2017

Worship Springs from Thankfulness

Main Truth: True worship of God springs from thankfulness.
Reflection Question: How much of your thoughts are thoughts of thankfulness to God?

August 2016

The Lord is My Shepard

Main Truth: The Lord is good and He provides for His people.

Reflection Question: Do I believe His path is the right path?

Take Refuge in the Son

Main Truth:  Blessed are those who take refuge in King Jesus, for His Kingdom will reign forever.

Take Home Question:  Are you taking refuge in the Son?

The Tale of Two Ways

“The Tale of Two Ways” from Psalm 1 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2016.