Media – Philippians

February 2021

Contentment in Christ

Main Truth: No matter the circumstances, joy is possible for the believer who is content in Christ.
Reflection Question: What can you do this week to grow in contentment?

Prayer and Right Thinking

Main Truth: Believers find relief as they pray to the God who listens and as they think upon what is true.
Reflection Question: Which of these spiritual disciplines do you need to practice this week?

Stand Firm Together

Main Truth: God wants us to stand firm in the Lord together.
Reflection Question: Who can I encourage this week to stand firm in the faith?

January 2021

Knowing Christ: Part 4

Main Truth: Imitate those who are imitating Jesus.
Reflection Question: Do you have the right people in your life to imitate?

Knowing Christ – Part 3

Main Truth: The Christian life is like a race, so run in such a manner to win the prize.
Reflection Question: How would you describe your run right now?

Knowing Christ: Part 2

Main Truth: Christians grow in the knowledge of God and His power as they trust God in the midst of suffering.
Reflection Question: Is there an area of your life right now that you need to put to death so that rising can occur?

Knowing Christ – Part 1

Main Truth: Believers grow in knowing God when they value Christ above all else.
Reflection Question: Why should I be allowed to enter into God’s eternal paradise?

Look Out

Main Truth: Genuine believers will not put their confidence in the flesh.
Reflection Question: What is my next step of growth in discerning truth from error?

December 2020

Honor Such Men and Women

Main Truth: Believers are to honor the faithful and follow their example of sacrificial love and obedience.
Reflection Question: Who do you honor?

God is at Work Behind the Curtain

Main Truth: Believers can choose joy because God is at work within them.
Reflection Question: Are you currently grumbling instead of trusting and obeying?

November 2020

Have This Mind Among Yourselves

Main Truth:  Believers walk in a manner worthy of the gospel through selfless and sacrificial devotion to God.
Reflection Question: Are you growing in selfless and sacrificial love?

Walk in Humility

Main Truth: Believers walk in a manner worthy of the gospel through practicing humility.
Reflection Question: What’s your next step in growing in humility?

Joy in Persecution

Main Truth: Believers can choose joy in the midst of persecution because it’s a sign of their salvation
Reflection Question:Is there an area of your walk with God in which you have been compromising?

Joy in Deliverance

Main Truth: Believers can choose joy because God will deliver them.
Reflection: For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.