October 2017

Salvation from God Alone

Main Truth: Paul’s gospel of salvation through faith alone is truly from God alone.   Reflection Question: Have you forgotten the power of God’s grace to change lives?

Salvation is by Faith Alone

“Salvation is by Faith Alone” from Galatians 1:1-10 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.

September 2017

Worship Springs from Thankfulness

Main Truth: True worship of God springs from thankfulness.   Reflection Question: How much of your thoughts are thoughts of thankfulness to God?

God is King

Main Truth: No matter what is happening around you, God  is King!   Reflection Question: Do you live like your God is King?

God called His people to an active faith

Main Truth:  God called His people to an active faith.   Reflection Question: What are you waiting on instead of actively living in faithfulness?

August 2017

God Redeems His People

Main Truth: God has been and continues to redeem His people   Reflection Time: Praise God for His redemption in your life

God Always Blesses His Followers

Main Truth: God Always Blesses His Followers   Reflection Question: Are you being a blessing to the faithful?

God Bringing About His Will

Main Truth: God is Bringing About His Will Reflection Question: Are you currently looking for the work of God in your daily encounters?

July 2017

Hope for Change with God

Main Truth: With God there is always hope for change.   Reflection Question: Have you given up hope for change?

Keep the Faith

Main Truth:  No matter how bad things may get in your life, keep the faith, for God will be faithful to His promises.   Reflection Question:  Whether life is easy or hard for you right now, are you walking in faith with God?

God is King

“God is King” from Ruth 1:1-5 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.   Reflection Question: Are you facing a situation where you have forgotten the great truth from this book: My God is King?

June 2017

Those Who Have received God’s Grace, Remain

Main Truth:  As those who have received God’s grace, remain in it.   Reflection Question:  What do you do to stand firm in the faith and resist the roar of the lion?

God Uses Suffering

Main Truth: God uses suffering to reveal and encourage His true followers.   Reflection Questions: Are you willing to welcome God’s plan for suffering in your life?

The End is Near So Live Like It!

The end is Near So Live Like It!  from 1 Peter 4:7 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.   Reflection Question: Which of these commands will you begin practicing this week?