February 2018

On the Way to Egypt

Main Truth: God’s people are marked by the shedding of blood.   Reflection Question: Are you marked by the blood of Jesus?

January 2018

The Calling of Moses

Main Truth: What God desires from His people is their trust.   Reflection Question: If you are resisting God’s call to share the gospel, what more could He give you than His presence?

The Humiliation of Moses

Main Truth: Humiliation comes to those who live without God.   Reflection Question: In my pride, am I trying to do a two-person job by myself?

God Makes Himself Known

Main Truth: The wise will walk in the fear of God.   Reflection Question: Are you walking in the fear of God?

December 2017

Boast in the Cross

Main Truth: Continue to boast in the only work that matters, the work of Christ on your behalf.   Reflection Question: How much internal credit are you giving to the Lord?

The Spirit and Community

Main Truth: Walking by the Spirit means to walk in genuine Christian community.   Reflection Question: Are you walking in the Spirit by growing in community?

Fruit of the Spirit

Main Truth: The Spirit of God produces certain fruit in the lives of believers as they walk by the Spirit.   Reflection Question: How focused are you on walking in the Spirit?

What About the Law?

Main Truth: Freedom in Christ is not freedom from the law for daily living, but freedom from sin.   Reflection Question: Are you currently using the freedom you have in Christ as an excuse to not deal with sin?

November 2017

Family Tree

Main Truth: Stand firm in the freedom given to you through Christ.   Reflection Question: Are you standing firm in freedom?

Adoption: From Slave to Son

Main Truth:  Those who believe, have been adopted by God with all rights and privileges as sons of God.   Reflection Question: Have you considered adoption?

The Promise Endures

Main Truth: All who believe in Jesus will receive the blessing promised to Abraham   Reflection Question: Are you looking for the law to do what only faith can do?


Main Truth: Salvation has always been about faith   Reflection Question: Are you on the road of faith this morning?

October 2017

A Christian is about Faith in Christ

Main Truth: Being a Christian is first and foremost about faith in Christ   Reflection Question: What table are you at this morning?

False Gospels Cant Take Root in Focused Believers

Main Truth: A false gospel will never take root in a heart that is focused on the real gospel.   Reflection Question: Are you at risk of believing a false gospel?