October 2018

God’s Character and the Law: Part 2

Main Truth:  God calls His people to trust in His laws, for they are good.   Reflection Question: Is there an area of your life where you are struggling to trust God and obey what He has commanded?

God’s Character and the Law: Part 1

Main Truth: God’s laws are for the good of His people.   Reflection Question: Are you growing in your love for the church?

Slavery and Polygamy

Main Truth:  God’s laws reveal His mercy and care for all people.   Reflection Question: Do you delight in the law of God?

September 2018

Shall not Covet (Commandment #10)

Main Truth: God’s people should desire the things of God.   Reflection Question: What weeds do you need to pull today?

Shall Not Lie (Commandment #9)

Main Truth: God has called His people to speak the truth.   Reflection Question: How do you need to grow as a truth teller?

Shall Not Steal (Commandment #8)

Main Truth:  God has called His people to be faithful stewards of what they have been given.   Reflection Question: Are you being a good steward of what God has given you?

August 2018

Shall Not Commit Adultery (Commandment #7)

Main Truth: God has called His people to be faithful as He is faithful.   Reflection Question:  Are you pursuing faithfulness?

Shall Not Murder (Commandment #6)

Main Truth: God has called His people to cherish life.   Reflection Questions: Are you promoting life?

Honor Your Parents (Commandment #5)

Main Truth: God has called children to honor their parents.   Reflection Question: Are you fulfilling your role in this God-Parent-Child relationship?

July 2018

God’s Name and the Sabbath (Commandments 3-4)

Main Truth: God has called His people to take the worship of Him seriously   Reflection Question: Am I taking either of these two commandments lightly?

No Other God’s (Commandments 1 & 2

“No Other God’s (Commandments 1 & 2”    Reflection Question: Am I worshiping a false God?

Ten Commandments Introduction

“Ten Commandments Introduction” from Exodus 20 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2018.

Don’t Touch the Mountain

Main Truth:  Yahweh is the transcendent God   Reflection Question:  Does the truth of God’s transcendence shape how you live today?

June 2018

Qualities of Leadership

Main Truth:  Leadership among God’s people is reserved for those who fear the LORD.