August 2018

Shall Not Commit Adultery (Commandment #7)

Main Truth: God has called His people to be faithful as He is faithful.   Reflection Question:  Are you pursuing faithfulness?

Shall Not Murder (Commandment #6)

Main Truth: God has called His people to cherish life.   Reflection Questions: Are you promoting life?

Honor Your Parents (Commandment #5)

Main Truth: God has called children to honor their parents.   Reflection Question: Are you fulfilling your role in this God-Parent-Child relationship?

July 2018

God’s Name and the Sabbath (Commandments 3-4)

Main Truth: God has called His people to take the worship of Him seriously   Reflection Question: Am I taking either of these two commandments lightly?

No Other God’s (Commandments 1 & 2

“No Other God’s (Commandments 1 & 2”    Reflection Question: Am I worshiping a false God?

Ten Commandments Introduction

“Ten Commandments Introduction” from Exodus 20 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2018.

Don’t Touch the Mountain

Main Truth:  Yahweh is the transcendent God   Reflection Question:  Does the truth of God’s transcendence shape how you live today?

June 2018

Qualities of Leadership

Main Truth:  Leadership among God’s people is reserved for those who fear the LORD.  

The Lord is My Banner

Main Truth: We only win the battle if God is fighting for us.   Reflection Question: Are you living under the Lord’s Banner

The LORD is our Provider

Main Truth: The LORD Is Our Provider!   Reflection Question:  Have you been grumbling against God?

May 2018

The LORD is Our Healer

Main Truth:  The LORD is Our Healer   Reflection Question:  Are you searching for healing in the things of this world?

Passing Through the Red Sea

Main Truth:  No one regrets following the Lord   Reflection Question:  Are you currently walking down the road that leads to regret?

Redemption of the Firstborn

Main Truth:  All that is belongs to the Lord   Reflection Question:  Is there anything in your life that you hold back from the Lord?

April 2018

The Tenth Plague: The Departure from Egypt

Main Truth:  Citizenship into the People of God is granted to all by faith   Reflection Question: Are you growing in love for the mixed multitudes in your life?