August 2019

Living by Faith: Part 4

Main Truth: Genuine faith is a faith that endures through the struggle.   Reflection Question: Is your faith enduring or is it on the edge of giving up?

Hall of Faith: Part 3

Main Truth: Genuine faith is not ruled by fear.   Reflection Question: Is there a fear that’s hindering your faith?

July 2019

Hall of Faith: Part 2

Main Truth:  To live by faith is to live with a focus that goes beyond this life.   Reflection Question:  How forward-looking is your faith?

Hall of Faith: Part 1

Main Truth:  God testifies on behalf of the one who lives by faith.   Reflection Question: Whose commendation am I living for?

Has Christ Failed you? Part 1

Do not Shrink Back, Persevere!

Main Truth: Apart from Christ, no sacrifice can make you right with God.   Reflection Question: Is there an act of faith from which you have been shrinking back?

June 2019

Let Us Consider

Main Truth: Following Jesus is a community effort.   Reflection Question: What is your attitude toward stirring up other believers?

A Better Offering

Main Truth: Only Jesus can present an offering as great as my offense against God.   Reflection Question: What is your motivation for obeying God?

A Better Return

Main Truth:  Jesus is better than the Old Testament sacrificial system because when He returns He will save and gather together those who eagerly wait for Him.   Reflection Question:  Am I eagerly waiting for the return of Christ?

Matthew 16:1 – 4

Reflection Question: Where does your faith rest?

A Better Covenant

Main Truth:  Jesus is better than the law because He ushered in a better covenant   Reflection:  Meditate on the blessing of living under the new covenant

May 2019

Melchizedek: A Better Guarantor – Part 3

Main Truth: Because Jesus will continue to live, He is the better guarantor of salvation.   Reflection Question: Are you walking in the truth of Jesus as your intercessor?

Stuck in a Moment

Reflection Question:  Are you stuck in Romans 7?  Is there a sin you need to confess to move you into Romans 8?

Melchizedek: Good is not Good Enough – Part 2

Main Truth: Jesus is our better hope. A hope that surpasses all that we can do on our own.   Reflection Question: How am I being intentional about keeping my focus on the better hope?