August 2020

It’s Lonely at the Top

Main Truth: It’s Lonely at the Top   Reflection Question: Do your pursuits reveal a love for self or a love for your neighbor?

July 2020

Turn, Turn, Turn

Main Truth: This is God’s world, and the wise live in light of that truth.   Reflection Question: Are you embracing the truth that this is God’s world?

The Pursuit of Pleasure

Main Truth: The pursuit of pleasure will bring joy in the moment, but it will fail to satisfy.   Reflection Question:  Does the pursuit of pleasure have its proper place in your life?

The Pursuit of Wisdom

Main Truth:  Growing in wisdom and knowledge is helpful for life, but it will fail to satisfy.   Reflection Question: Does growing in knowledge have its proper place in your life?

Introduction to Ecclesiastes

Main Truth: Satisfaction in life cannot be found in striving after what is under the sun. Reflection Question: Have I been striving after what matters?

June 2020

The Right Words

Main Truth: Believers are to use their words to pray to God, pray for each other, praise the Lord, call on others for help, confess sin, and call the wayward believer back to faithfulness to God.   Reflection Question: How can you use your words this week to glorify God?

Waiting for Justice

Main Truth: In the face of oppression, believers must trust God to right all wrongs.   Reflection Questions:Take Justice into your own hands instead of trusting the Lord?;What do your words say about the God that you say you follow?, Kingdom? Justice? Words?

The Pride Behind Our Words

Main Truth:Your words will reveal if there is sinful pride in your heart.   Reflection Question: Have my words revealed the presence of sinful pride in my heart?

Friendship with God

Main Truth: Friends of the world will be known by their words.   Reflection Question: What friendship have you been investing in lately?

May 2020

Wisdom from Above

Main Truth: Godly wisdom is expressed through humility.   Reflection Question: How can you begin practicing humility and godly wisdom this week?

The Power of the Tongue

Main Truth: Believers must strive to control their tongue, for while it is small, it has incredible potential for good and bad.   Reflection Question: What do I need to do to begin practicing using my tongue for the glory of God?

Faith = Works

Main Truth: True saving faith will by nature produce godly actions.   Reflection Question: What do I need to do to begin practicing faith right now?


Main Truth:Even in trials God desires that His people have compassion on the least of these   Reflection Question: In what ways can I begin practicing compassion this week?

The Relationship Battle

Main Truth: Believers are to always, including in trials, be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.   Reflection Question: What from James’ list of three things to know and be do I need to begin practicing this week?