January 2020

Christ’s Sure Return

Main Truth: Jesus hasn’t returned yet, for God desires that all would believe and be saved.   Reflection Question: Are you preparing for Christ’s return?

The Demise of False Teachers Part 2

Main Truth: False teachers prey on believers who are young in their faith.   Reflection Question: What can you do this week to protect this church from false teaching?

December 2019

The Demise of False Teachers

Main Truth: False teachers will be marked by lives of greed and unrestrained desires.   Reflection Question: Am I at risk of falling for a false teacher?

More than a Baby!

“More than a Baby!” from John 1:1 by Pastor Dustin Nelson. Released: 2019.   Main Truth:  Jesus is the eternal God in human flesh.   Reflection Question:  Would you consider the glory and majesty behind the baby?   

Trust in Jesus Christ

“Trust in Jesus Christ” from Ephesians 2:1-10 by Randy Osborne. Released: 2019.   Reflection Question: Are you trusting that Christ has made you alive through faith?

The Power and Return of Jesus

Main Truth: Believers can be sure of Christ’s return because they have an eyewitness. Reflection Question: Is the reality of Christ’s return impacting your life today?

By Way of Reminder

Main Truth: Believers need to be regularly reminded of the gospel so that they can live faithfully to God.   Reflection Question: Do I know the gospel?

November 2019

Knowing God and Growing in Grace: Part 2

Main Truth: Faith is a gift from God that believers actively add to each and every day.   Reflection Question: Are you making every effort to add to your faith?

Knowing God and Growing in Grace: Part 1

Main Truth: Faith is a gift from God that believers actively add to each and every day Reflection Question:Consider the gift of your salvation through Christ.

Orphan Sunday 2019

Main Truth:  Those who believe in Jesus, have been adopted by God and are now fellow heirs with Christ   Reflection Question: Have you considered adoption?

How to Survive: Part 2

Main Truth:  The faithful survive by treasuring God above all.   Reflection Question: Lord, what am I treasuring today?

October 2019

How to Survive

Main Truth: The faithful survive through remembering the promises of God.   Reflection Question:  Lord, what promises do I need to remember right now so that I can walk in faith and not in fear?

The Fairness of God’s Judgment

Main Truth: The Lord is a righteous judge who will not fail to judge every sin.   Reflection: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus to receive the judgment that I have earned for my sin.

Hope in the Midst of Judgment

Main Truth: The faithful are to trust that God will not fail to lift up the righteous and judge those who do evil.   Reflection Question: How can you apply Habakkuk’s model of prayer to a situation you’ve been praying about?