Media – Proverbs

November 2023

Wisdom and Wealth

Main Truth:  Wealth gained through godly living and used for the benefit of others honors the Lord.
Reflection Question: How can I grow in being wise when it comes to my wealth?

October 2023

Sacrifice AND Service

Main Truth:  The wise will grow in loving others.
Reflection Question: What can I do this week to love someone specific in my life?

Vengeance vs Faith

Main Truth:  The wise trust the Lord to avenge His people.
Reflection Question: Is there any situation in which I’m not waiting on the Lord, but am taking matters into my own hands?

Integrity in Business

Main Truth:  Honoring God through integrity is more valuable than riches gained through deception.
Reflection Question: How do I need to be wise with the resources God has given me?

Mercy for Sinners

Main Truth:  God is merciful.
Reflection Question: Are you growing in giving mercy to others?

September 2023

Relationships As They Should Be

Main Truth:  God’s way leads to meaningful and life-giving relationships.
Reflection Question: Is there a relationship in your life where you need to begin doing things God’s way?

Speech that Reconciles

Main Truth;  The fool uses his words to separate, while the wise uses his words to reconcile.
Reflection Question: Have I been choosing words that lead to reconciliation?

You might be a fool if…

Main Truth:  Don’t be a fool; trust in God and be wise.
Reflection Question: In what ways am I being foolish?

The Crown of Old Age

Main Truth:  The faithful old are blessed and they are the heroes that you should aspire to become.
Reflection Question: What type of hero are you aspiring to be?

August 2023

Sweet Words

Main Truth:  The wise will give thought to their words to make sure that their words are always sweet.
Reflection Question: Give your internal stop sign a performance review?

The Sovereign King

Main Truth:  May God’s people rejoice, for the Lord is sovereign
Reflection Question:  What is my response to the messenger’s good news?

The Blessings of Spiritual Formation

Main Truth:The wise prioritize spiritual growth.
Reflection Question:  How can I prioritize spiritual growth in my home?

The Overcomer

Main Truth:  By God’s grace, the spiritually mature are able to overcome difficult circumstances.
Reflection Question: What has been your response to difficulty lately?

July 2023

An all too familiar story

Main Truth:  The wise will not excuse or ignore their sin, but in humility, will seek to restore the relationship.
Reflection Question: How have I been handling sin lately?