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January 2017

The Role of Elders

Main Truth: God has designed the church so that some would be responsible for all and all would be responsible to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Reflection Question: What is your attitude to God’s design of leadership?

Living as a Community in a Season of Change: Part 2

Main Truth: In this season of change, daily pursue Christlikeness.

Reflection Question: Which of these commands of God is most lacking in your life?

Living as a Community in a Season of Change Part 1

Main Truth: In this season of change, daily submit your thoughts, actions and giftedness to Christ.

Take Home Question: How has God gifted me to contribute to the health of this body and am I contributing?

The Importance of Correct Priorities

Main Truth:  Worldly priorities will effect how we view what happens in this life.
Reflection Question:  What is the number one priority in your life this morning?

December 2016

Christmas Eve Message

Because of Jesus, all who have believed, are adopted as sons and daughters of God.

September 2016

Three Parables, Three Questions

Main Truth: The follower of Jesus will always examine his own heart first.
Reflection Questions: 

1) Who are you following in this life?

2) What do the things you say tell you about your heart?

3) Is Jesus truly Lord over all of my life?

Love Your Enemies, Even Your Spouse

Main Truth: We respond to the brokenness of others, in the same way that God responded to our brokenness.

Reflection Question: Are you actively loving the people in your life?

July 2016

Wisdom and Folly – Proverbs 9

“Wisdom and Folly – Proverbs 9” by Christopher Edwards. Released: 2016.

Hope For a Life to Come

“Hope For a Life to Come” from 1Peter 1:3-9 by Brice Land. Released: 2016.
Main Truth: Christians have a hope for a future life that gives them the strength to endure suffering in this life.
Reflection Question: What life am I living for?

June 2016

The Great Contract

“The Great Contract” from Colossians 1:15-23 by Houston Baker. Released: 2016.

April 2016

The Future of The Fellowship of Champions Church

“The Future of The Fellowship of Champions Church” by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2016.
Reflection Question: What can I do?

December 2015

Prodigal Part 3

“Prodigal Part 3” from Luke 15:11-32 by Alan Haigood. Released: 2015.

November 2015

Ministry of Reconciliation

“Ministry of Reconciliation” by Josh Ellis, UBA. Released: 2015.

October 2015

10 Year Worship Team Celebration

“10 Year Worship Team Celebration” by Christy Edwards. Released: 2015.