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April 2018

The Lord’s Supper

“The Lord’s Supper” by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2018.

No Future Without Forgiveness

Main Truth: Those who have experienced the miracle of God’s forgiveness are called to forgive others.
Reflection Question: Is the sin of unforgiveness present in your life?

Jesus loves me this I know

“Jesus loves me this I know” from John 3 by Randy Osborne. Released: 2018.
Reflection Question: What opportunities has God placed in your life to point others to Him?

January 2018

Joy Through Trials

Main Truth: Joy through trials builds and reveals spiritual maturity.
Reflection Question: What has been your attitude in your most recent trial?

December 2017

Christmas Eve

“Christmas Eve” from Isaiah 59.2-16 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.

October 2017

God Blots Out Sin

“God Blots Out Sin” from Psalm 50 by Christopher Edwards. Released: 2017.
Reflection Questions:  When was the last time you asked God to blot out your sin because of what Jesus did? Do you believe He actually has blotted out your sin?

September 2017

Hurricane Harvey

What is God doing in the world?
Reflection Question: How does God want me to serve other believers?

August 2017

Searching for Contentment

“Searching for Contentment” from Phil 4:11-13 by Houston Baker. Released: 2017.

May 2017

Julie Turner Retirement

“Julie Turner Retirement” by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.

Believer’s Baptism

“Believer’s Baptism” from Baptism Sunday by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.

April 2017

Easter: Hope and the Empty Tomb

Main Truth: Because the grave is empty, there is hope for today for those who have believed in Jesus.
Reflection Question: Is the resurrected Jesus your hope this morning?

Good Friday

“Good Friday” from Passover Seder Presentation by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.

January 2017

Annual Business Meeting

“Annual Business Meeting” by The Staff and Board Of TFOC. Released: 2017.

The Qualifications of Elders

“The Qualifications of Elders” from Titus 1:5-9 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.