Media – Mark’s Gospel

February 2022

Openhanded Kind of Faith

Openhanded Kind of Faith. Mark 10:13 by Dustin Nelson, 2022
Main Truth:  The Kingdom of God is for those who let go of the things of the world and come to Jesus with open hands.
Reflection Question:  Am I living with an openhanded faith?

Discipleship over Divorce

Discipleship over Divorce. Mark 10 by Dustin Nelson. 2022
Main Truth:  Jesus’ disciples will choose discipleship over divorce.
Reflection Question:  Am I hardhearted to the things of God today?

January 2022

Radical Discipleship

Radical Discipleship. Mark 9:38 by Dustin Nelson. 2022
Main Truth:  Growing disciples will go to radical measures to remove sin from their lives.
Reflection Question:  Is there anything in my heart right now that needs radical amputation?

Greatness in the Kingdom

Greatness in the Kingdom. Mark 9:30 by Dustin Nelson. 2022.
Main Truth:  Humility is what makes someone great in the Kingdom of God.
Reflection Question:  What is my ambition this morning?

The Importance of Prayer

The Importance of Prayer. Mark 9:14 by Dustin Nelson. 2022. 
Main Truth:  The better I understand my own limitations, the more I turn to the One who is most powerful

Reflection Question:  Is there anything in my life right now where I am trusting in myself and not in the Lord?

The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration. Mark 9:1 by Dustin Nelson. 2022
Main Truth:  Jesus’ glory will be fully revealed after suffering.
Reflection Question:  Am I trusting in God’s grace alone to make me clean before God?

Following Christ requires obedience

Following Christ requires our full obedience.  Mark 8:34-9:1 by Brice Land. 2022.
Reflection Question:  In what areas of my life am I not denying myself and following Jesus?

December 2021

Jesus Gives Sight to the Spiritually Blind.

Jesus gives sight to the spiritually blind. Mark 8:22 by Dustin Nelson. 2021
Reflection Question: Praise God that He has healed your spiritual blindness through Jesus.

Beware the Leaven

Beware the Leaven. Mark 8:10 by Dustin Nelson. 2021
Main Truth: Beware of the leaven of unbelief that will lead you away from God.
Reflection Question: Is there any leaven in your heart that needs to be removed?

The Most Defiled: Part 2

The Most Defiled: Part 2. Mark 8:1 by Dustin Nelson. 2021
Main Truth: God’s grace cleanses the most defiled heart.
Reflection Question: Do I believe God’s grace is available to all?

November 2021

The Most Defiled: Part 1

The Most Defiled: Part 1. Mark 7:24 by Dustin Nelson. 2021.
Main Truth:  God’s grace cleanses the most defiled heart.
Reflection Question:  Am I trusting in God’s grace alone to make me clean before God?

The Commandments and Cleanliness

The Commandments and Cleanliness. Mark 7:1 by Dustin Nelson. 2021
Main Truth: Law following is meaningless if one’s heart isn’t devoted to God.
Reflection Question: What is the condition of my heart this morning?

Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus Walks on Water. Mark 6:45 by Dustin Nelson. 2021
Main Truth: If you are in a place of faith and obedience then you have nothing to fear.
Reflection Question: Thank God that He is with you in the valley.

Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Jesus Feeds the 5,000. Mark 6:30 by Dustin Nelson. 2021.
Main Truth: Sometimes God brings us to the end of ourselves so that we might know His sufficiency.
Reflection Question:  Am I trying to do this my way, in my strength, according to what I believe is best, or am I trusting in God’s way?