Media – Mark’s Gospel

July 2022

Mark’s Longer Ending

Reflection Question:  Is there an area in my life where I need to grow in trusting Jesus?

Mark’s Short Ending

Main Truth: Jesus was resurrected from the dead.
Reflection Question: Would you meditate upon the fact that Jesus is alive?

Jesus is the Son of God who Died for Your Sins

Jesus is the Son of God who Died for Your Sins. Mark 15:33-39 by Brice Land. 2022
Main Truth:  The death of Jesus for our sins should always remain central to our faith.
Reflection Question:  Who is Jesus to you?

The Humiliation of Jesus

Main Truth:  Jesus endured humiliation so that we could be elevated
Reflection Question:  How should Jesus’ endurance through humiliation change my life today?

June 2022

Jesus’ Trial and Peter’s Denial

Main Truth:  A true testimony to faith in Jesus comes through suffering, difficulties, and persecution.
Reflection Question:  Who in your life needs a witness for Jesus?

Jesus Prays & Judas Betrays

Main Truth:  Jesus lived a life of perfect faith and submission to the Father.
Reflection Question:  Is there anywhere in your life where you need to be submitting to God’s will?

The Lord’s Supper

Main Truth:  Jesus lays down His life for the unworthy, the unfaithful, and the cowardly. 
Reflection Time:  As you pray, would you consider the love of God towards you?

May 2022

Counted the Cost

Main Truth: People will pursue what they believe to be most valuable.
Reflection Question: What do you value today?

Stay Awake!

Reflection Question:  Am I awake?


Coming in the Clouds

Main Truth:  When Jesus returns, He will gather together all of His people from every corner of the earth.
Reflection Question:  How should the reality of the Christ’s return change your life today?

Those Things

Reflection Question:  How can you better be on your guard?

April 2022

These Things

Main Truth: The proclamation of the Gospel is accomplished through persecution; salvation of the believer is revealed through perseverance.
Reflection Question: How can you better be on your guard?

He Gave it All

Main Truth:  The highest form of love is seen in sacrifice.
Reflection Question:  Is God’s sacrificial love leading you to sacrifice?

The Son of David 

Main Truth:  Jesus is both the Messiah and eternal God.
Reflection Question:  Who do you say that Jesus is?