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December 2015

The Mark of Sonship

Main Truth: Jesus identifies sonship by obedience.

Take Home Question: What does your obedience reveal about your father?

November 2015

Truth Will Set You Free

Main Truth: Those who believe in Jesus are freed from their slavery to sin so that they can follow after Jesus.

Reflection Question: Are you free this morning?

Spiritual Blindness

Main Truth: Those who follow Jesus will no longer be spiritually blind, but will see correctly.

Take Home Question: Are you spiritually blind this morning?

Holiness Built on Grace

Main Truth: The pursuit of holiness is a road marked by grace.

Take Home Question: Which view of grace defines your life and relationship with God right now?

God Dwells with His People – Feast of Booths

Main Truth: Life can only be found through drinking from the Spirit.

Take Home Question: When it comes to your spiritual thirst, from where are you drinking?

October 2015

Knowing the Things of God

Main Truth: To know the things of God, one must know God and His Word.

Take Home Questions: Are you interpreting the world through the lens of scripture?

The Danger Zone

Main Truth: The world hates Jesus.

Reflection Question:  Are there areas in my life where I am trying to follow Jesus and fit in with the world?

Eat of My Flesh, Drink of My Blood

Main Truth: Jesus is calling all people to fully follow Him.

Reflection Question:  Am I a fully committed believer?

September 2015

The Bread of Life

Main Truth:  Jesus is the Bread of Life, who will not fail to give life to all who turn to Him.

Reflection Statement:  My salvation rests in the hands of Jesus who will not fail and who will not cast out anyone that the Father has given him.

Food That Will Not Perish

Main Truth: Followers of Jesus should invest their lives in the things that will last and not in the things that will perish.

Take Home Question: Where am I investing my life, time, and energy? Is it in the things that will perish or the things that endure for eternity?

Miracle of Feeding 5,000

Main Truth: Jesus calls us to fully commit to who He is, not who we expect Him to be.

Reflection Question: What is your agenda in following Jesus today?

The Witnesses to Christ

Main Truth: The witnesses of God testify that Jesus is the hope of all people; the lone source of life.

Reflection Question: What is the hope of my salvation today? 

August 2015

Jesus on Trial

Main Truth: Jesus is equal with God.

Reflection Question: Do I believe that Jesus is the Son of God?

Healing at the Pool and Missing Jesus

Main Truth: There are many ways to miss Jesus.

Reflection Question: Where am I missing the grace of God today?