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April 2016

The World Will Hate You

Main Truth: The faithful followers of Jesus should not be surprised when the world hates them, for the world hated Jesus.

Reflection Question: What do you fear most in being persecuted? What truth can you claim from God’s word to help you stand up in the face of that fear?

March 2016

No Greater Love

Main Truth: The love of God commands us to love as we have been loved.

Reflection Question: Are you growing and sacrificially loving others?

I am the True Vine

Main Truth: The person connected with Jesus will bear fruit

Take Home Question: Do both grace and works have their proper place in your heart?


If You Love Me

Main Truth: The person who loves God, follows His Word.

Take Home Question: Are you loving Jesus by growing in obedience to His commands?

I Am the Way

Main Truth: Jesus is the way to the Father

Take Home Question: Have I believed the lie that Jesus is A Way and not The Way to the Father?

February 2016

A New Commandment: Love One Another

Main Truth: Love each other as Christ has loved you.


Take Home Question: Do you love others as Jesus has loved you?

The Servant King

Main Truth: Blessed are those who follow Jesus’ example of serving others.

Take Home Question: Whose feet will you wash this week?

When Man is Big

Main Truth: The fear of man hinders faithfulness to God

Take Home Question: In what area of your life is man big and God small?

The New Ruler of this World

Main Truth: Through the cross, Christ has defeated Satan and his rule over this world

Take Home Question: Are you living as a freed person?

January 2016

The Hour Has Come

Main Truth: To follow Christ and experience the glory of God in your life is to die with Christ.

Take Home Question: What sin do I need to put to death today?

Generous Like Jesus

Main Truth: A heart that experiences Jesus will grow in generosity.

Reflection Question: Are you growing in generosity?

Hope for Tomorrow, Hope for Today

Main Truth:
Jesus is our resurrection hope and that hope should make a difference today.

Take Home Question: Where are you like Martha; Fine with giving God eternity, but not trusting Him in a particular area of your life?

Waiting for the Other Shoe

Main Truth: Jesus will not fail, because no one is able to stop Him.

Take Home Question: What is your heart’s response to the truth that nothing can snatch you from Jesus’ hand?

The Good Shepard

Main Truth: Jesus is the good shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep.

 Take Home Question: How would you describe your relationship with the Good Shepard?