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August 2016

What Happened to Peter? Part 2

Main Truth: To love God, is to invest in His people.

Reflection Question: Are you focused on your responsibilities to follow Christ or on the responsibilities of others?

July 2016

The Empty Tomb

Main Truth: Jesus initiates reconciliation.

Reflection Question: Are you reconciled with God this morning?

Blessed are those Who have Not Seen

Main Truth: Jesus said, blessed are those who believe even though they have not seen Jesus

Reflection Question: Has a seed of doubt taken root in your heart?

The Empty Tomb

Main Truth: Jesus was resurrected from the dead, bringing all who believe into the family of God.

Reflection: Focus on the truth – Through Christ, God is my Father and I am His child.

June 2016

The Burial of Jesus

Main Truth:  Even Jesus’ death was part of the Father’s redemptive plan from the very beginning.

Take Home Question:  Have you believed in Jesus?

It is Finished

Main Truth:  Jesus willingly suffered to finish the mission for which He was sent.

Take Home Question:  Do you believe Jesus’ work is finished?

We have no other King

Main Truth:  Jesus willingly suffered because He trusted His Heavenly Father

Take Home Question:  Reflect upon Jesus’ faithfulness to the Father.

May 2016

Kingdom of Another World

Main Truth : Jesus willingly suffered great injustice because His kingdom was not of this world.


Take Home Question: While we live on this earth we are citizens of Jesus’ kingdom. Are you growing in a Jesus Kingdom mindset?


Betrayed, Arrested, Denied

Main Truth: Not once in Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion, was Just not in control of what happened.

Take Home Question: In the aftermath of your denial, have you turned to Jesus?

Jesus’ Highly Priestly Prayer: Part 3

Main Truth: We will know the love of God as we are one with the Father.

Reflection Question: Is the love of God motivating your obedience to God?

Jesus’ Highly Priestly Prayer: Part 2

Main Truth: Joy comes as we are one with the Father and one with each other.

Take Home Question: What type of joy is in your life?

Jesus’ Highly Priestly Prayer: Part 1

Main Truth:  Jesus prays that He and those that follow Him would glorify the Father.

Reflection Time:  Pray that you will glorify God through whatever trial you are facing today.

April 2016

Take Heart: Jesus Has Overcome the World

Main Truth: In the face of the fears of this world, there is peace in Jesus, for He has overcome the world.

Take Home Question: Do you find yourself focused on the fear-makers in your life or on the peacemaker?

It is to Your Advantage

Main Truth: We are better off living with the Spirit than with Jesus.


Take Home Question: What is your perception of the Spirit’s role in your life? Does that perception line up with what we just read?