Media – Hebrews

June 2019

A Better Covenant

Main Truth:  Jesus is better than the law because He ushered in a better covenant
Reflection:  Meditate on the blessing of living under the new covenant

May 2019

Melchizedek: A Better Guarantor – Part 3

Main Truth: Because Jesus will continue to live, He is the better guarantor of salvation.
Reflection Question: Are you walking in the truth of Jesus as your intercessor?

Melchizedek: Good is not Good Enough – Part 2

Main Truth: Jesus is our better hope. A hope that surpasses all that we can do on our own.
Reflection Question: How am I being intentional about keeping my focus on the better hope?

Melchizedek: Man of Mystery Part 1

Main Truth: To hope in anything other than Jesus is to hope in something inferior.
Reflection Question: Am I looking toward something inferior to supply me with what only Christ can supply?

April 2019

A Sure Promise

Main Truth: You can trust God to be faithful to His promises because God will not defame His own name.
Reflection Question: Is there any area of my life that I need to grow in trust of God?

Being Around vs. Believing In

Main Truth: Salvation doesn’t come from being around Jesus, but from believing in Jesus.
Reflection Question:  Am I hanging out around Jesus or am I believing in Him?

It’s Time to Grow Up

Main Truth: The Christian life is marked by ever-growing maturity.
Reflection Question: What do I need to do to continue to grow?

Draw Near to the Throne of Grace

Main Truth: Jesus as our High Priest means repentant sinners are always welcome at the altar of grace.
Reflection Question: Am I drawing near to the Great High Priest?

March 2019

The Promise of Rest

Main Truth: Only those who listen will enter God’s rest.
Reflection Question: Are you a hearer or a listener of the Word of God?

Warning of Unbelief

Main Truth: The sin of unbelief will keep you from God’s rest.
Reflection Question: Am I battling the sin of unbelief?

Greater Than Moses: Part 2

Main Truth: Those who genuinely follow Jesus will live by faith.
Reflection Question: Where is your confidence?

February 2019

Greater Than Moses: Part 1

Main Truth: Jesus leads His followers to freedom from sin and death.
Reflection Question: Am I identifying with Jesus?

Tasted Death

Main Truth:  Jesus was humiliated so that you could be exalted.
Reflection Question: Has Jesus tasted death for me?


Main Truth: Since Jesus is better, treasure Him and the salvation you have received through Him above all else.
Reflection Question: Am I drifting in my walk with God?