Media – Hebrews

September 2019

Acceptable Worship: Part 2

Main Truth: Endure in faith through the hardships of this life because Jesus is better.
Reflection Question: In my heart, is Jesus better?

Acceptable Worship: Part 1

Main Truth:Acceptable worship of God involves intentional care for other believers.
Reflection Question: What act of acceptable worship do I need to actively start growing in this week?

The Unshakeable Kingdom

Main Truth: Keep running the race of faith because those who finish inherit a kingdom that cannot be shaken.
Reflection Question: How should this glimpse of the future impact my life today?

Strength in Trials

Main Truth:  God calls His people to help and encourage each other in the midst of God’s discipline.
Reflection Question:  God, would you make me sensitive to the trials and needs of my brothers and sisters and give me the wisdom to encourage them in their race of faith?

August 2019

Find Strength in Him

Find Strength in Him by Brice Land
Main Truth: God’s children are to find strength in Him to endure the hardships they face.

Reflection Question: What is your response to the hardships you may be facing?

The Race of Faith

Main Truth: Faith that endures consistently puts off sin and puts on Christ.
Reflection Question: How would you describe your running the race of faith at the moment?

Living by Faith: Part 4

Main Truth: Genuine faith is a faith that endures through the struggle.
Reflection Question: Is your faith enduring or is it on the edge of giving up?

Hall of Faith: Part 3

Main Truth: Genuine faith is not ruled by fear.
Reflection Question: Is there a fear that’s hindering your faith?

July 2019

Hall of Faith: Part 2

Main Truth:  To live by faith is to live with a focus that goes beyond this life.
Reflection Question:  How forward-looking is your faith?

Hall of Faith: Part 1

Main Truth:  God testifies on behalf of the one who lives by faith.
Reflection Question: Whose commendation am I living for?

Do not Shrink Back, Persevere!

Main Truth: Apart from Christ, no sacrifice can make you right with God.
Reflection Question: Is there an act of faith from which you have been shrinking back?

June 2019

Let Us Consider

Main Truth: Following Jesus is a community effort.
Reflection Question: What is your attitude toward stirring up other believers?

A Better Offering

Main Truth: Only Jesus can present an offering as great as my offense against God.
Reflection Question: What is your motivation for obeying God?

A Better Return

Main Truth:  Jesus is better than the Old Testament sacrificial system because when He returns He will save and gather together those who eagerly wait for Him.
Reflection Question:  Am I eagerly waiting for the return of Christ?