We believe giving is an essential part of our spiritual walk.  When we give, we beleive God has miraculous ecnomic plan that will provide for us and meet our needs. 

Ways to Give:

At Church

Please feel free to put your finanical gift in either of the two donation boxes on the wall near the sanctuary doors.  If you give cash, please use one of our giving envelopes and clearly write your name and addres on it so we can credit your gift for tax records.  Giving envelopes are located at the welcome center and in the sanctuary chairback pockets.

Online Giving

You can give online by using the Donation Form to the right.  Please note that online donations are subject to fees, which you will have the opportunity to cover along with your finanical gift.

By Text Message

Text "Give" to 281-572-5911.  First time users will receive a reply text with steps on how to establish an account.  Once the account is setup, no other steps are required for subsequent uses.  

By Mail

Checks can be mailed to the directly at the following address:
Fellowship of Champions Church
PO Box 11861
Spring, TX 77379

Non-Cash Giving

Because Fellowship of Champions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your gift will qualify as a charitable contribution and is tax deductible.  Donating directly to the church properly can avoid any capital gains tax.  A gift of stock can be setup by working with our staff.  Additionally, a planned gift to Fellowship of Champions can be made through a gift of life insurance or as part of yoru will or trust.  For assistance, please contact the church office.  

Employer Gift Matching

Check with your employer if you believe this option may apply to you.