Elder Nomination

History and Background  

After several years of discussion among our pastor and board of directors, Fellowship of Champions decided in January of 2017 to transition our governance structure from a board of directors-led church to an elder-led church. 

Elder Nomination Process  

Nominations for elders are accepted throughout the year and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Nominated elders will be contacted to confirm a desire to serve as an elder.  All nominees desiring to continue in the eldership process will go through a series of interviews with the existing elders centered on topics related to theology, character, and stewardship of the home.  The existing elders will bring qualified nominees to the church congregation for a final vote of approval.   Church members may nominate through this form.  MOVE TO FORM

More Information on Eldership  

For more information on eldership and Fellowship of Champions, please listen to the sermons on eldership from January of 2017.

The Role of Elders

The Qualifications of Elders