We are eager to worship with you all while still practicing social distancing and several safety precautions. We have determined that our sanctuary is large enough for all to attend worship service safely in one service together. The sanctuary has grouped seating with a number assigned in each row indicating how many seats are in that row numbering from 3-7. Please find the row that best match the amount of people in your group. 
Visitors are welcome! Please make sure you are eligible to come regarding your health on Sunday mornings (see below).
Masks are still required for everyone over age 10 when entering the building. They also are to remain on as you walk around the campus. The sanctuary will offer seating for those who wish to keep their masks on, those who would like the option to take their mask off during service, and all those in between. The “pink” side are for those who wish to keep their masks on for the entire worship service and the “blue” side for those who would like the option to take their masks off. The middle “purple” section is simply a blend of both and we encourage anyone who is comfortable with both options to take advantage of this seating. Everybody is required to put their masks on when they leave the sanctuary. We ask that you continue to socially distance yourselves and keep your children with you at all times. No changes will be made in the kid’s ministry. All volunteers and staff working with our children will continue to wear masks. 

It is VERY important to follow the safety requirements below if you choose to attend a Sunday service.

  • All adults and children over the age of 10 will need to wear masks anytime you are up from your seat 
  • Temperature checks will be taken for all.
  • Children ministries are open! Elementary kids will be at the Shack the entire duration of service.
  • To the best of your ability, please always remain at least 6ft away from the nearest family that is not living in your household.
  • The playground is open. One parent must be with child and children still need to socially distance themselves. Parents, please prepare your children that they are to be by your family’s side before, during, and after service. They may not freely roam inside the building.
  • Other Eligibility Concerns:
    • Do not come to church if you have any pre-existing conditions that might put you at risk. Join us on Facebook live until this whole thing is over. We love you and want to keep you safe.
    • Do not come if you have been ill in the last 48 hours or if someone in your home has been ill in the last 48 hours.
    • Do not attend if you have come in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks.

Steps to Keep you Safe

    • Sanitizing stations will be setup outside the front doors and outside the bathrooms.
    • Air filters on AC Units will be changed more frequently.
    • The sanctuary will be completely disinfected after every service.
    • The front doors will be propped open before and after service (they will be locked during service). The doors into the sanctuary will remain open during the entire service time to limit touching points.
    • No coffee or doughnuts ☹ Prepare your children in advance or just bring your own!
    • Offering boxes will be placed near the sanctuary doors in lieu of passing the offering bag around.
    • All seating areas and tables in the foyer will be removed.
    • All bibles, fellowship pads, pens, and tithing envelopes will be removed from the sanctuary.