“A Church Helping People Win at Life”

That has been the church’s slogan and mission shortly after the church’s conception almost thirty years ago. Fellowship of Champions began as a church plant of Memorial Baptist Church in 1988.

Just a year after Fellowship’s first service, they called Charles Culpepper to be their first full-time pastor. Pastor Culpepper served the church and the community for over twenty-five years. During his time as pastor the church moved into it’s current facility at 16707 Squyres Road. Through Pastor Culpepper’s leadership, Fellowship became a place of mercy and love for many who had never attended a church before.

Church-Front-300x200After Pastor Culpepper’s retirement in 2013, Fellowship called Dustin Nelson to be their pastor. Pastor Nelson has sought to continue the mission of Fellowship being a place to help people win at life. He accomplishes this mission through helping people understand and apply God’s Word through verse-by-verse preaching from the Bible and through training those within the church on how to counsel other believers through the Bible.

Fellowship is here to help people come to know hope and forgiveness only found in Christ and then to train those in Christ to bring that same message of hope and forgiveness to others.