Media – 1 Peter

June 2017

Those Who Have received God’s Grace, Remain

Main Truth:  As those who have received God’s grace, remain in it.
Reflection Question:  What do you do to stand firm in the faith and resist the roar of the lion?

God Uses Suffering

Main Truth: God uses suffering to reveal and encourage His true followers.

Reflection Questions: Are you willing to welcome God’s plan for suffering in your life?

The End is Near So Live Like It!

The end is Near So Live Like It!  from 1 Peter 4:7 by Dustin Nelson. Released: 2017.
Reflection Question: Which of these commands will you begin practicing this week?

Good from Suffering: Part 2

Main Truth: God brings good from suffering for righteousness’ sake.
Reflection Question: How much does eternity impact the decisions that you are making in this temporary life?

May 2017

Good from Suffering: Part 1

Main Truth: God brings good from suffering for righteousness’ sake.

Reflection Question: Do you truly believe that God brings good out of suffering?

Ultimately Blessed

Main Truth: Walking faithfully to God may bring persecution from the world, but it will always bring blessings from God.

Reflection Question: In what ways do you suffer for righteousness’ sake?

April 2017

Household Codes: Called to Bless

Main Truth: Those who have been called to salvation, have been called to be a blessing to others.
Reflection Question: Who do you need to be a blessing to this week?

Household Codes: Wives and Husbands

Main Truth: God calls Christian wives to submit to their husbands and Christian husbands to live understandingly with their wives.

Reflection Question: What is your attitude towards God’s design for you in marriage?

Household Codes: Slaves Under Masters

Main Truth: God calls Christians to submit to those who have power over them, even those who wicked.
Reflection Question: Where is God calling you to reveal His grace through your willingness to suffer?

Household Codes: Believers and the Government

Main Truth: Christians are called to submit to the government as an act of submission to God.
Reflection Question: If you were on trial right now, would your good deeds silence your accusers?

March 2017

Honorable Conduct

Main Truth: God uses the obedience of believers to bring salvation to the world.

Reflection Question:  Is there sin in your life right now that is hindering you from conducting yourself in an honorable way? What is your plan to battle that sin?

Jesus the Cornerstone

Main Truth: Jesus’ followers will share in His rejection on earth and His honor in heaven.

Reflection Question: Is Jesus your one and only cornerstone?

Love One Another Earnestly

Main Truth: God commands His people to love one another.
Reflection Question: How do you need to grow in love this week?

Fear God

Main Truth: God commands His people to appropriately fear Him.
Reflection Question: Have you been conducting yourself in fear over this past time?