Hurricane Harvey Fund

Harvey Relief Fund Policy

The Fellowship of Champions

The Board of Elders of The Fellowship of Champions (which below is also referred to as BOE) has authorized the creation of a Designated Fund entitled the “Harvey Relief Fund” (which below is sometimes referred to as the HRF).


The primary purpose of the HRF is to provide financial support to – (1) church members, (2) regular attenders of the church and (3) members of the community connected to our church family – who incurred significant catastrophic damage as a result of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey on or about August 27, 2017.


Financial contributions will be accepted beginning September 3, 2017. Individuals are asked to mark their checks, envelopes or online gifts as “Harvey” or “HRF” in order to distinguish from general tithes and offerings. Contributions to the fund will be recorded and included on future contributions statements.


Contributors are reminded that any gifts to the HRF should be above their regular tithes and offerings. This will ensure that the ongoing ministries of the church are fully supported.


All contributions to the HRF will be used for the general purposes of the fund as described herein as determined and administered by the BOE.


Please note that financial rules and regulations for non-profit corporations preclude us from distributing gifts directly to an individual specified by a contributor.


Information regarding a need you are aware of is welcome, but we cannot direct your gift to a certain person as a condition of your contribution. If you want to ensure that your money goes to a certain individual you should give it directly to them.



Distributions from the fund to individuals will be based upon a clear need and the availability of funds in the HRF as the BOE shall determine. In no case will distributions from the fund exceed contributions.


Individuals requesting assistance are asked to submit an application as found on the following page. They will be asked to describe and document their loss, needs and other means of support.  Individuals will be asked to meet with the BOE to fully review their circumstances. Distributions are intended only to supplement and not replace reimbursements or assistance from insurance, family, friends, FEMA and/or other community or charitable groups.


Distributions are intended only for serious needs and losses not relatively minor losses or adjustments to lifestyle as determined by the BOE.


In the event an individual receives a distribution that is later reimbursed from another source they are asked to return that portion to the HRF so it may be used to benefit others.


Should there be any residual funds after distributions are completed, then those funds will be transferred to the Honduras Mission Fund.


Adopted by the Board of Elders on September 3, 2017.


James Macari

Glenn Maloney

Dustin Nelson

Jasper Schaer